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Over the past five years I have been blessed enough to witness my fair share of happy moments. Whether those moments were shared by couples just starting their journey together, couples who are growing their families, or families celebrating their success, I have seen joy in all its forms. This week I'd like to focus on couples who are taking vows to share their lives together, and sealing those vows with a kiss.

Kaitlyn and Adam were married in July 2015 at Stratus Winery.

Katie and Andrew celebrated their love surrounded by family and friends in June 2013.

Rachel and Peter had beautiful weather for their outdoor ceremony at Bissells Hideaway in October 2015.

Nathalie and Kyle kissing amongst the horses for their July 2015 wedding.

Lauren and Chris sharing a kiss during their first dance at their August 2014 wedding.

Alexandra and Mihai snuck away for a private moment after their ceremony in August 2015.

Vanessa and Chris paid great attention to detail for their July 2013 wedding.

Katiana and Greg showed true love for their photos in Queenston Heights in May 2014.

Arlene and Craig kiss after saying "I do" in front of their closest family and friends.

Bailey and Chris letting their love show at Legends On The Niagara Golf Course this past May 2016.

I'd like to say a special thanks to Sarah for helping me achieve great photos through training, and making our jobs fun everyday. These couples and many more have made my job over the past five years a blast. I'm so happy to be able to share my favourite moments of all of these perfect days.

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