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One of my favourite things about photographing a wedding using photo-journalist style is that I get to capture peoples honest reactions to the emotions of the day, and even better when the happy couple get to look back and see the love in the eyes of their friends and family.

Calyx and Christian felt the love in their small ceremony at Vineland Estates in August 2015

sometimes nerves take over during the ceremonies and the bridal parties can't help but giggle. This was the case for both Cassandra and Jordan in June 2014 and Rachel and Peter in October 2015

Evelyn and Mark's wedding was full of emotion in October 2015, but before their ceremony Evelyn decided to take some time to have fun with her flower girl and ring bearer.

Nathalie and Kyle decided that nothing could rain on their parade in June of 2015. Their backyard wedding was a blast in the torrential downpour, and the horses couldn't help but steal some kisses.

Lauren and Chris had a stunning rustic wedding in July 2014, their first dance was filled with private jokes and smiles.

Kaitlyn waited patiently with her father before walking down the aisle to marry her love Adam in June 2015.

Kathleen was sharing a dance with her father after marrying her dream man Tom in August 2014

Danielle and Craig shared a private moment in between bursts of rain in September 2015

The details make each wedding special. Kristen and Kevin stopped off at their favourite date place, the midway, for some fun and games. Rachel and Peter decided to include their beloved dog as the ring bearer in their outdoor ceremony.

Many moments and details go into making a wedding special for the bride and groom. Being in their favourite places, or including their favourite people and pets make it special for them. I feel truly honoured that they allow me into thier lives for a day so they can see the honest joy that love brings them. Thank you to all those couples who showed me glimpses of themselves.

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