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There is so much preparation leading up to the big moment. There are hours of hair and make-up, dresses to tie, boutonnieres to fuss with, beers to drink and champagne toasts to make. This week all of my appreciation goes to the moments leading up to "I do".

It took all of Cassandra's girls to get her wedding ready in 2014, she even donned socks to stave off cold feet!

Katiana was cool calm and collected waiting to marry her love Greg in May 2014

Lauren and Chris just needed a small help from friends to prepare for their August 2014 wedding

While our brides add finishing touches, the grooms finish their beers and are dressed within minutes. Amanda and Mike said their "I do's" August 2015.

Marium showed us that sometimes all you need is the brides touch while putting on her fathers boutonniere before heading out the door.

While the Bride does her final touching up to look perfect, her groom waits patiently at the end of the aisle.

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