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This handsome young man celebrated 8 wonderful months with mom and dad Anita and Jay. He was lucky enough to celebrate this great day in Fort Myers, Florida while we were on vacation. Brock is full of spunk and just can't wait to walk around and explore everything around him!

This young man brings smiles with him whereever he goes. I swear he carries them in his little pockets and hands them out to everyone who walks by.

Dad knows how to play the best ways! Smiles are never far away when Jay and Brock are together.

Brock's curiosity really kicked into high gear in this new place, so many places to explore, and so many things to fit into his mouth!

I'm sensing a future model in the ranks here, already working his angles, showing off his bright blues, and a quick flash of the new pearly whites will surely make any woman putty in his adroable little hands.

Big thanks to Anita and Jay for letting me be a huge distraction for Brock all week, I know his meals took too long because I was making faces at him across the room, for that I am truly sorry, but I can't stop staring at this cutie!

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