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Families | Kayla & Emily

These two beautiful young girls are full of sugar, spice and everything nice. They are also full of energy and giggles, these girls had me on the run with spinning, skipping and running.

They must be professional models, our first photo of the day was moms favourite!

They were more than happy to skip along the path giggling away.

In between locations we had to blow off some steam, twirling did the trick here.

Who knew being cute was such hard work! funny faces and tired faces slip in there sometimes when we're not careful!

As we were winding down, the girls managed to talk mom into joining! I'm blessed to photograph such beautiful families.

After all their hard work, these lovely girls got a reward of playing in the park, and I was rewarded with some beautiful smiles while the girls played, life doesn't get any better thn this.

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