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Carl + Lola | Families

Justine and Kevin have welcomed a new bundle of joy into their family. Lola is the cutest little Sheltland Sheepdog around, unless of course you meet her Uncle Carl, he gives it everything hes got!

Lola and Carl came from the same breeder, and to Kevin and Justine's delight they have found out their pups are in fact related. Do you see the family resemblance?

After having Lola home for a while it came to light that she is in fact deaf. While she may not respond to whistles, or come running when you yell, "TREAT!" She adores her Uncle Carl, and will follow his lead anywhere.

I think the time has come to sit back and just let the cuteness wash over us!

Being this adorable is so physically demanding, I'm not sure how they can manage it. Time to rest and recharge for another exciting day.

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